Little Inventors

You thought up new, fun, or helpful invention ideas and saved your old, unwanted things from going in the bin!

You used your imagination to think of something in your home that’s not been used for a while or maybe a toy you never played with anymore and made it new! We challenged you to take an object that was no longer wanted and transform it through the power of your imagination into something amazing; we saw ideas that were fun, ingenious, practical and totally bonkers!

Here were our suggestions on where to start:

Maybe you could -

  1. Join two things together to make something brand new or
  2. Use lots of the same object to make something much bigger and better than it ever was or
  3. Add new parts to a tired object to give it a whole new function!

The most unique and inspiring ideas were brought to life by professional makers and inventors and exhibited at the National Festival of Making 2022!

The Big Reinvention Challenge Pack - At Home

Download the full challenge pack and get your imagination cogs whirring with the mini activities, before completing the final invention challenge.

The Big Reinvention Challenge Pack - For Teachers

This pack contains all you need to inspire your students to get inventing, including a Powerpoint presentation, teacher guide, warm-up activities and challenge sheet.