Little Inventors

Let’s MAKE inventions!

The National Festival of Making joined with Little Inventors to bring you The Big Reinvention Challenge! Rooted in the theme of sustainability, our challenge looked to use what we already have as a starting point to create something new.

At the National Festival of Making, we celebrate all things MAKING. Throughout the year we work with fantastic makers and artists who create ingenious, beautiful or thought-provoking things for you to enjoy. We also celebrate with a free festival in Blackburn, Lancashire, where over 30,000 people come together from all across the UK to try out making, watch spectacular performances and eat delicious food.

We believe that MAKING makes the world a better place, which is why we invited all 7-12-year-olds to join our STEAM inspired challenge.

A selection of the most unique and inspiring ideas were brought to life by professional makers and inventors! They were exhibited at the National Festival of Making 2022, alongside a collection of designs submitted as part of The Big Reinvention Challenge.

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